WMI Special Projects

    WMI physicians work with each other and their referring colleagues to apply best practice guidelines. Boasting a network of over 300 radiologists, with their own subspecialties and areas of expertise, WMI physician members access an impressive knowledge base to ensure that patients receive imaging care of the highest medical utility.

Health Care Reform Efforts
Washington Managed Imaging (WMI) is forward thinking in its approach to clinical integration of imaging services within the full spectrum of patient care. When managed care prospered in Washington State, WMI contracted with full-risk capitated Medical Services Organizations and Primary Care Provider-based Independent Practice Associations, creating a bond of both clinical and financial integration to benefit managed care patients. As our nation's health care reform efforts evolve into new structures, such as Accountable Care Organizations, WMI's members' previous managed care experience has prepared us well to provide the most appropriate care in the most efficient setting with the best outcomes.

Decision Support
With a focus on managing the proliferation of imaging services and minimizing radiation exposure, WMI has been at the forefront in advocating the implementation of Decision Support with commercial and government payers. Decision Support is a provider-centric process for ensuring that the imaging modality with the highest medical utility score is chosen, which may include no imaging services at all. The Decision Support process is supported by software containing thousands of evidence-based rules that is utilized by the referring provider and the radiologist to generate an instant medical utility score. In addition to the many clinical and financial benefits Decision Support offers to patients and to payers, it is a highly effective educational tool for referring physicians, enabling them to better understand which imaging modalities to utilize.